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There is a noticeable disparity between the two types of people drawn to my blog.

I’m gonna give the first one a hard no - because I’m no good at multitasking.

As for a favorite memory: this isn’t exactly a happy one, but my brother had an awful yappy dog named Sydney. Shih-tzu mixed with something else, looked like the Bumble from the Rankin Bass Rudolph special, chased me out of my room nipping at my ankles for the first year we had her. But she grew on me like dogs do. Last year, before she got put down, my brother brought her over one last time. Ten plus years old, shaky and generally unwell, but I can still remember her waddling out of the house into the sunshine one last time, happy as dogs can be.

It may seem sad, but whenever I think of Syd that’s what comes to mind now, and I’m glad for that.

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Better be one tomorrow don’t let me down

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okay but guys wait

tell me that johnny knoxville


doesnt look like travis touchdown


and this guy literally looks like johnny knoxville cosplaying as travis touchdown


literally bye

Travis was based upon Johnny Knoxville if I’m…


Get this to one million notes
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Sega arcade in 秋葉原
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Very succinct. 


This gif pretty much summarizes how i feel after like every book i finish:


A Delicate Truth basically

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Nintendo is going to Comic Con, and they have a top secret Smash Newcomer reveal!
My sources were able to get this picture! get hyped!
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